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tv   Glenn Beck  FOX News  April 29, 2010 2:00am-3:00am EDT

2:00 am slash greta wire. see you tomorrow night. 10:00 p.m. eastern. shhh. >> glenn: welcome to the program. it's the most transparent administration ever. yeah. you remember that leaked memo a couple of months ago about the administration eyeing 13 million acres of land for federal monuments? it happened on february 26. the secretary of the interior ken salazar was asked to provide the rest of the missing pages of the leaked memo by march 26. it's been two months. the most transparent administration ever has provided zero missing pages. so we have no idea what the administration has in mind with these plans. but there's another story from the most transparent administration ever. it's a tax on land grab. watch. tonight.
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listen tonight. with fresh ears, fresh eyes. not political ones. but american eyes and ears. transformation is underway. c'mon, let's go! ♪ ♪ >> glenn: well, hello, america. i want to talk to you again about the fundamental transformation of america. it could happen tomorrow. i have to tell you, there a are -- it's like you can't catch your breath. how long have we been running? this has been a marathon now since last year. and there are some nasty things happening. maybe tomorrow. that will transform our country. you will add another star to our flag. you haven't heard this anywhere. you will tonight. and you better pay attention
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and call your friends and tell them, because it could happen tomorrow. the vote. now, before i give you the full details, there is something you have to understand, first. that is progressives. what is it that progressives believe? progressives are all about big government and power and control. it doesn't matter about democrat or republican. it's power and control. control over you. you don't choose for yourself. we'll give you some options. but we're not going to make them clear. we will give you some options and we'll control it. this is the european model, not the american model. the american model is small government. the government doesn't control every aspect of your life. this gives you communism and naziism on either side. this is not american. this is progressive. big government and power and control. they will regulate everything from cars to food. everything. you are seeing it right now.
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the second thing that is important for progressive if we had them on truth serum, democratic elections. they will give you the choices like for instance the progressives around the turn of the century gave you theodore roosevelt and woodrow wilson. we had the choice over and over and why we keep voting saying it feels like the same thing. right? democratic elections mean something else because we're not a democracy. we're a republic. democrat elections you hear this when they talk about the democratically elected leader of iran. the democratic leader chavsz. democraticly elected, you know. castro, democratically elected. hitler, democratically elected. it's cold language. the third is social justice. social justice has nothing to
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do with america. it has nothing to do with jesus. because it is a collective redemption. through the government. it is really marxism when it's coupled with one and two. if thaw go to a church and they're like social justice. you get on your knees and you're like you want me to go where and help people build what? okay, if that is what god is telling you to do and not telling you to force me to do it with you, then it's okay. social justice is about marxism, about redistribution of wealth. understand that, because it will play a role. let me talk to you about puerto rico. before we start, we have one shot to get this right. one shot. because this is really going to -- this is all about racism soon. right now, you haven't heard the story anywhere.
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puerto rico. understand this story is not about hispanics. it's not about freedom. it's about number one. big government. and power and control. progressives. puerto rico is self-governing commonwealth. it has been a u.s. territory since after the spanish-american war of 1898. n they are not an ind opinion dent country -- independent country, like american islands or guam or american samoa. they get protection but they don't pay taxes. a sweet deal. some people like it, some don't. if you are in puerto rico, you don't want to be just another 51st state. people voted against becoming the 51st state in puerto rico, three times since 11967. the latest one was in 1998.
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it has always been the same question. here it is. three times. '67, '93 and '98 they voted. no. the question has been: do you want to become a state? do you want the be a state? that's the question. pretty easy. no. now, let me take you to washington, d.c. remember this question. puerto rico, do you want to be a state? no. three times. now let me take you to washington, d.c., where tomorrow an important vote is happening. they're not asking this question do you want to be a state? no, no no. this sounds so nice i don't know how anyone could vote against this. this is called the puerto rico democracy act. well, who could be against democracy? hmm? wait a minute. democratic -- who could be against that? now i've called all over washington and they want you to know this is a non-binding
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resolution. it is. it is supposedly to support puerto rico's self-determination on whether or not if they want to be a state. oh, well, that's great. i think we have some other things, you know, that might be more important. you know what i mean? why do we need this? that is the question i'm left with. why do we need this? do we need a non-binding resolution to support self-determination? they've been asked this question. they can ask it again. i mean is there something going on in puerto rico i'm not aware of? is there something really -- i want to help puerto rico if there is a problem, but it doesn't seem to be a problem. why are we taking attention away from the economy, or that hard grilling of goldman sachs, or immigration? why? my staff today made phone calls to the republicans in congress who are supporting this bill.
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here are the answers. this is a vote about freedom. oh, well, don't get all technical on me! i mean, that's pretty complex. really? how about this one. this vote does not grant puerto rico statehood. it simply gives puerto ricans the right to determine if statehood is something they would want for themselves. gosh darn it, you republicans. you are smart! do you want to be a state? they can ask that any time, in any election and they have. so neither of those questions or those answers really help us on anything. it's almost like something else might be going on. be remember they keep say -- but remember they keep saying this is non-binding. big government, pow erand control. democratic elections. see, democratic elections, there is always a catch. remember i said demcally elected, adolf hitler.
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yeah, but not so much. there always seems to be an -- oh, i don't know -- a trick to it. fraud. he was democratically elected, the chancellor. he coddled together a coalition that everybody said that is ridiculous. he'd never be able to do that. and he did. all of a sudden, heil, hitler. got it? there is a trick with elections. parliament, corruption. it's important for progressives especially if you are going to fund mentally transform the country that you leave -- fundamentally transform the country that you leave the appearance of the country. for instance, they didn't just jam healthcare down your throat. no. no. no. they debated it and they did it through the democratic process. mm-hmm. so is there a trick here? okay. h.r.-24
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h.r.-2499. if this passes, tomorrow, tomorrow they vote on this. if this passes it will force a yes or no vote in puerto rico. not on this question. no, no, no. do you want to be a state no. no. if this passes tomorrow, what they are going to ask is this question -- do you want to maintain the current status of puerto rico? well, no, wait a minute. that's not the same question. why? why? do you went to maintain the status quo? let me ask you this. do you want to maintain the status quo of our country right now? nope. if bertha lewis who, you know, runs acorn, if she were watching, i can guarantee you if i said hey, bertha, do you want to maintain our current status? maintain the status quo?
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i guarantee you bertha lewis would say hell, no. you see this question puts us in to agreement. see the trick? that is not the same question as do you want to be a state? it's just do you want to just be like this? no. who is doing this? well, in the past, in puerto rico, statehood fails because some people do like the status quo. and it's enough to make everything else collapse. there are some who want to be a state. there are those who want to be independent. there are those who want to be independent that do like the status quo as it is. somebody's chair has to be removed here. because there are too many choices. there's four. there's four. they need to unite people. do you want to maintain the current status? that unites people.
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not on the same answer. but on the question. see the status quo, more likely to vote for statehood over independence. in 1998, there were five options on the ballot. there were limited self-government, free association, statehood, sovereignty, none of the above. which vvhone won? none of the above. now the vote will happen in two stages. the first stage is do you want to maintain the current status? then the chair removes. the second vote happens. and they're left with three choices. statehood, full independence or modified commonwealth. remember, full independence and modified commonwealth historically get less than 3% of the vote. those options are the only thing standing in the way of puerto rico becoming a state. congress will say, "glenn beck, this is a non-binding
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vote." yes, it is. but here is the part, here is the part that if you don't know history, you are destined to repeat it. i want to introduce you to tennessee plan. what is the tennessee plan? it's going to start to sound like a conspiracy. if it doesn't already. all of this, it's a conspiracy theory, right? conspiracy theories don't have one thing that i do. don't turn the channel until i show you that one thing, because what i'm about to show you now through history, and then that one extra piece is the way our entire system is now working to transform america. possibly tomorrow. the tennessee plan. okay, unless you're from tennessee or alaska, you probably never heard about this plan. but apparently, also people who have never heard of it are the people who took an oath to protect and defend
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the constitution. they haven't heard of it either. you see, when tennessee first came to the union, they had a different name. they weren't called "tennessee." it was called "the territorier thterritory south of the river ohio." not catchy. a lot to fit on a license plate. u.s. territory just like puerto rico. instead of waiting for congress to decide whether or not they wanted to make a territory a state, tennessee said you know what? we're going to go a different way and they forced the issues. they elected delegates for a congress. they voted on statehood. the next stage. they applied for statehood. then congress dragged their feet so they went to the capitol and demanded to be seated. they elected these people and then they went to the capitol. they skipped the statehood voting and say yeah, c'mon. they just went to the capital. congress didn't know what to do. it was the first territory going for statehood.
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so, they said okay. that's how we had the 16th state. alaska did the same thing. kind of. let me restate. they elected delegates for congress, they voted on statehood and they drafted a state constitution, applied for statehood, went to the capitol and demanded to be seated. this is the key. it doesn't matter what happens in congress. it doesn't matter. doesn't matter. they demanded and they were seated. congressman, any congressman who votes for this, for some reason or another -- give them the benefit of the doubt. they are sheep being led to slaughter. "no, this is non-binding." what? they will say that the people of puerto rico have a right to vote for themselves. and yes, they do! yes, they do. i support puerto rico. and their sovereignty. and the individual right to
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vote. but see, not so much. because progressives are going to present a false choice to people. instead of saying do you want to be a state? it's do you want the status quo? they vote no. next vote removes status quo from the ballot to leave statehood against two far less options and statehood will vote. so whoa! then they will elect their congressmen and their senators, they'll demand to be seated and you be sewing on a 51ststra star attached to the flag. how could this happen? well, the immigration debate. texas is now going to -- texas is talking about maybe we should do what is happening in arizona. what is that going to lead to? why is all of this happening? because they need to cobble together a coalition. they need somebody to call racist. what is texas and arizona?
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racist. anyone standing in the way of puerto rico being the 51st state would be called a hate monger. remember the second to the last one where they applied? can you imagine what would be happening in washington? the washington they'd be yelling back and forth and what would the cries be? why do you hate puerto rico so much? why do you hate puerto ricans? because they're different than you, because you hate hispanics? why do you hate freedom? this is not about freedom or anything, this is about power and control. progressives know. quite honestly, so do the republicans. that's why the board has been left open. everybody in washington knows that if they can convince hispanics that everybody is a racist, everybody is out to get you, only our party, whichever party it is, only our party is here to help, you will have their vote. the democrats have already done it with the african-american vote. so, democrats and
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republicans, why are both parties for this? back to the board. because remember it's about big government and power and control. lindsey graham is a progressive. so is nancy pelosi. is there a difference? yes. on the right and left scale of the progressive scale. but that's not the scale the founders gave us. the progressives in our country know this is the moment they've been waiting for. every marxist daydream they've had. now is the time to get it done. they are not going to let the moment pass. what is happening is fundamental transformation of america and only the beginni beginning. this sounds like a conspiracy theory. this is crazy. tomorrow they're going to do this? well, it would be. what the media is missing while they're, i don't know, running a progressive campaign, who is
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orchestrating this in puerto rico? may i? may i show you? this is what makes it conspiracy theory to conspiracy fact. what is this? puerto rico. logo for the new progressive party, 2008. their platform. from their own party platform. may i pull it out? the new progressive party adopts the tennessee plan. as an additional strategy for the decolonization and the claim for addition of puerto rico as the 51st state of the united states of america. and this shall be done. where is it? this shall be done to establish the process for the adoption and ratification for the constitution of puerto rico and two senators and six federal congress persons to claim their seats and the admission of puerto rico as the 51st state. it is in their party
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platform. you still think i'm -- well, nobody reads that. here is opposition advertisement happening now in puerto rico. the two faces of hr-499 you have never heard about and they are voting on tomorrow. the puerto rico statehood bill. they're saying vote no. 178 from the progressive party platform. that is not the pledge made to puerto rico. they are promoting it in congress now. as a non-binding, non-binding bill. that is not the truth. puerto rico has already voted. they have already spoken. they can speak anytime they want. if they want to do it, do it the right way. when they send -- like it's to washington. if you stand against this, you will be labelled a racist. he said i'll have to support
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statement to avoid being accused of bigotry against hispani
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now you have to call. they're not going to listen to you. they aren't going to listen to you. you just have to say don't you dare vote for this. it's a trick.
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what is happening in puerto rico, puerto rico voted on this multiple times. they don't want to be a statehood. they're already self-determined and right now they receive many benefit of u.s. citizenship without paying the nasty taxes. what is it about? it's about bringing more people on board, more people who can vote for the democratic party. it's a four-step process to ensure they will essentially be one party for the next century. here they are. i think there is five. it found one in the break. democrats want 12 million, that is a small number, 12 million people who are illegal aliens in the united states, okay? 12 million illegals. how many votes? 4 million votes? how many votes is that? do we know? 12 million illegals? no, there are children. they can't all be -- i'll say 4 million votes. okay? this is 12 millilillion potenti
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voters? got it. now, they have also introduced now in d.c. legislation in the district of columbia. they want to make sure that's happenbe. one, extra vote in the house. got it? they want to help convicted felons. again, they believe convicted felons would vote democrat. there are 4 million votes there. a third, they tried to grant the statehood of the district of columbia. i just told you about that. also, puerto rican. 4 million puerto ricans. what do you have here? what do you have? you have a bunch of people, by the way, you have two senators and six -- is this right? two senators and six house members. you change the make-up of the house and the senate. that's just opening the door. d.c., you think they'd only
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do this? why would you send representation? this is something our founders said absolutely not. don't ever do that. the district cannot have representation. but they want to do it anyway. how can you only give them one? you open the door. this is what this is ableablet about. they'll say it's about racism and freedom, whatever it is. it's not. it is a numbers game. that's all this is. a numbers game. dilute the vote. back here. they want control and power. use democratically elections. they will use social justice, redistribution of wealth. call your congressman and senator. do it now. now, on tomorrow's program i
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want to tell you a couple of things. i want to tell you on tomorrow's program we have, we have additional news on the chicago exchange, the carbon exchange. we have some -- i think is as big as the van jones thing. so maybe the "new york times" could report on things now. otherwise, when people start going to jail or if people start getting fired or whatever, then there are, you know, when they write van jones left the white house, the readers won't go what for? what happened? we have something you do not want to miss tomorrow. and i'm going to ask for your help on something. next. david barton is here. and i want to teach a little bit about history or have him teach a little about history and show you where we've been in the past and what we need to pick up again. because, we're playing a dangerous game here. there is only one thing that will help us. next.
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glenn beck. ♪ ♪ >> glenn: we've been warning you about the fundamental transformation of america for a while. the progressive dream is about to become a reality. but how did we get here?
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founding fathers, strong foundation. what happened? progressives tried this about 100 years ago and they failed. but they got back together and said okay, what do we need to do? i think, i mean the best way the describe this, they set a time bomb. they started deconstructing. they knew they had to change three things. the first one, george washington spoke about in his farewell address. we are a religious and moral people. our founders said it over and over again. we wouldn't last unless we are a religious and moral people. that was the number one thing they had to destroy. they had to get god out of the schools and eviscerate our religion and our sundays. and the services. we had a president convince us in the last 15 years he
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can have as many adulterous affairs as he wanted and as long as the economy was okay, we'd be okay. religious and moral people. how many people even go to church anymore? last night we showed you the statistics about young people in the country. and how unimportant religion has become to them. neither neither are morals. they understood they had to separate us from the constitution. we don't read it anymore. if you read anything from the 1800s, these were the discussions people were having in bars. they're starting to have them again. people are talking about the constitution. but our elected officials don't even consider it. they made the constitution irrelevant. that mission was accomplished. how did they do that? in 1920, they stopped studying the constitution in law school and started studying case law. the last thing they had to do is we had a love for our
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founding fathers. we loved them. they had to discredit them. up until the 1920s we studied the constitution and never heard that our founding fathers were racist slave owners. this was the way to discredit the entire foundation of the country. to do those three things. that is why we are going to do our best to restore some of these things. every friday is going to be founders fridays on the program, at least for the next month. if nobody watches, well then we'll keep doing it anyway. we are going to try to repair the damage done like truth. truth is like fire. it will burn. it will burn everything that is impure and set on fire all lies. but it lot not consume the truth. we'll set fires by spewing
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the truth. we have people who know the founders better on earth and one is jason barton, author of "original intent" and founders of wall builders, organization that is dedicated to presenting america's forgotten history and hero. >> hey. >> glenn: proud to call you a new friend. am i wrong on these -- >> you're right. >> glenn: these three things have to be restored. >> they have to be restored. yep. >> glenn: i want to talk to you a little bit about something else you and i talked about off-air for a while. that is the black robe brigade. america, i'm going to ask you now if you have your pastor or your priest or your rabbi, whoever it is, tell them to turn on the show. take down this information. this is important. you have to do it. the government is not going to do, the media isn't going to do it, the parties are not going to do it. they don't care.
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they're about power and control. this is what you have to do. tell me about the black robe brigade. who were they? >> the black regimen for the preachers because they wore black robes. black preachers, white preachers all wore black probes and the british blamed the preachers for the american revolution. one of the british officials talked about that. interesting that they hated preachers -- they claim if it wasn't the preachers of america it would be a happy british colony. they come to america and they start to decimate churches. went to new york city, 19 churches and burn ten to the ground. across virginia and new jersey burning churches because they blame the preachers. >> glenn: the difference is that this is a quintessential american concept that is almost lost. we talk about individual rights. god gives us individual rights. no collective salvation. people say it's human rights.
2:40 am
that is not the same. >> right. >> glenn: explain the difference. >> it's inalienable rights. those who came to america left europe. europe was collective rights and collective issues. they came to america and they said no, it's individuals you and god. we established a freedom of conscious. not for the group. that's why one dissenting individual quaker can say i'm opposed to war. we say we let you off. opposed to taking an oath. okay, just do affirmation. we allowed the dissenters individually because of conscious, that's one-on-one. same with freedom of religion. you can rack tis religion as a group or individual. all the way through it was individuals. preachers did that. the first constitution we ever have written in history of the country 1638, reverend thomas hooker who said wait, god gave us the written word so every one of us could go to his word and know what he wants. we'll do a written constitution so every one of you can go to the government and know what the contract is. three years later, nathaniel
2:41 am
warton did a written bill of rights. he said wait, we need limitations so government can't get in our individual rights. written bill of rights. >> glenn: never done before. >> brand new stuff. brand new stuff. >> glenn: not from the scholars per se. >> brand new stuff. >> glenn: we'd look at. these were from religious figures of america. >> right. >> glenn: when we come back, i want to tell you a little more specifically the stories of these guys. and then i want to ask you to get involved because you may be the one that makes a difference. back in a minute.
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>> glenn: i've been thinking about the civil rights movement, and any real movement in the country has always been a spiritual movement. you know, the end of slavery, all of it. it took extraordinary people, extraordinary people that had their values and the principles in line. david barton is back with me.
2:46 am
we have been talking about something that was called the black regimen, later became known as the black rope brigade. preachers in america. there was a revival in 1640 in america and it took off. would it have gone through if it was not for preachers? >> we'd have something but not what we see today. >> glenn: more like france. >> yes. we are the only country in the world that doesn't average a revolution every 30, 40 years. >> that is the individual rights, not collective. >> right. >> glenn: tell me who some of the people were. >> i'll take a preacher in atlanta, who pastored two churches in a rural town and was a member of the legislature. while in williamsburg, british came marching in town. no big deal, they started to
2:47 am
go to private home and take things like guns and ammunition and patrick henry said no way and he got 5,000 farmers to get 200 british soldiers and get the stuff back. pastor mulenberg on the other side of the state says my guys need to hear about this. he jumps on horseback and rides back and preaches a sermon sunday morning january 21, 1776. they don't know what has happened with the british. he's in the pulpit in his black robe, e he read this is time of peace or a time of war? he said this is a time of war. he gave them a news flash. they were like what do we do? then instead of a dismissal prayer, he started undressing in front of the con gre ration. he -- congregation. underneath the robe he was wearing the uniform of the army. he then went to the back of the church and said we came here to practice liberties
2:48 am
and if we don't get involved we'll lose the liberties. who is going to defend them with me? 300 men met him at the back of the church. >> glenn: this is interesting part of the story. he understood individual liberty, but his brother said can't be involved. >> right. >> glenn: i want to introduce you to the brother next. ed assistance getting around their homes. there is a medicare benefit that may qualify you for a new power chair or scooter at little or no
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>> glenn: back with david barton. to learn more about forgotten history stories check out the dvd set, american heritage series at wallbuiwallbuilders.c. talking about the black regimen, as the black robe brigade. they were responsible for the revolution according to the british. everything i read -- >> john adams and other founders as well. >> glenn: samuel adams we will do a special friday on samuel adams for founders friday. you are joining us for that. >> yes, sir. >> glenn: let me show you the mulenbe mulenberg. this is the preacher in virginia. the statue of him in the capital where he is taking off the robe after he preached the sermon and says let's go, boys. he had a brother. >> it's frid frederick who
2:53 am
pastored in new york city. the pastor heard what his brother peter had done he side wrong. should have stayed in the pulpit. church shouldn't get involved in this stuff. that's what his brother believed. until his brother came marching in 1777 and threw him out of church. he has an epiphany and says maybe i should get involved as well or i'll lose my liberty. he becomes the speaker of the house in pennsylvania. writes the original constitution. he is the first ever speaker of the u.s. house of representatives. only two signatures on the bottom of the bill of rights and one is his. mulenberg. significantly, his brother had become a major general in the revolution by that time. watch his top generals. >> glenn: i guess what i'm introducing to america and correct me if i'm wrong the fact we're a nation of religious people. morals. god. this is his land, his right.
2:54 am
>> yeah. >> glenn: he was instrumental but it took people with a spine to stand up. >> it did. >> glenn: it wasn't about politics. >> no. >> glenn: they were not standing in the church -- i would leave a church that started to talk to me about politics, not who to vote for or what to vote for. what party. this is about individual rights not human rights. i get heat from churches now because of jim wallace who says social justice is what jesus would have wanted. >> that's collective rights. jesus was not in collective rights. he didn't die for world enlarged it was for every individual. >> glenn: when you go to be judged it's not like beck, party of ten. >> that's what was unique about america. we had a concept of individual. now collective is socialistic marxism. >> glenn: social justice has been out in the last century. started in the '20s. >> here is a sermon. we used to have backbone in churches and we have allowed ourself to be compartmentalized to itty
2:55 am
bitty thing. we had courage before. no, no, no. theer er i sermon about the ev social justice how it perverts doctrine and belief. it goes back to the guys that started the gospel movement. that was a dangerous thing for churches now. we let ourself become irrelevant. >> glenn: america, do your homework. we will help you as much as we can but this is a collective effort on individual rights. >> right. >> glenn: back in a minute.
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>> glenn: the main thing we need to do is be a better people, better men, women and children. samuel adams said and i want you to tweet this. the public cannot be too curious concerning the character of public men. gee, i thought character didn't matter. that's from sam adams. you will


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